ALPAM offers the LEIMRO® system, which has been tested for years and has proven its frost with an emphasis on low fuel consumption. The ecological aspect is a guarantee of high quality.

LEIMRO® offers a complete, fully automated system that produces large amounts of hot water and simultaneously defrosts and heats aggregates. This is done with extremely high efficiency.

LEIMRO® Thermal Energy units are also designed to allow additional systems, including heating of buildings, precast element molds and hollow core slabs being attached to them. Units can also be equipped to provide hot water for washing or filling trucks.

LEIMRO® Thermal Energy units are built to last and to achieve very high efficiency. This leads to very low fuel consumption and maintenance costs. That way, it is possible to keep the running costs at minimum.

The unit has a capacity of 1MW, consequently making heating of water and aggregates extremely fast. The bins are heated with nearly 300oC gases in sequential order to achieve fast and even distribution of heat where it’s needed.

“LEIMRO¨ Thermal Energy unit burns light fuel oil and/or gas  to generate heat.

The combustion gases are lead through a heat exchanger inside a hot water tank to heat water, or directly to aggregate bins to heat the aggregates, thus eliminating exhaust losses that traditional systems have.